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Garage Lighting

Garage lighting

There are huge benefits to the right garage lighting. With property and living space at a premium, many of us are not using our garages for their original purpose. There are many different reasons to install lighting in or around your garage from the basic view of safety when getting out of your car to security lighting to protect your vehicle. We offer a full range of practical and designer lighting to give your home the real wow factor.

Security lighting

When you arrive home after dark and pull up in your driveway, a light that activates automatically outside your garage can be extremely helpful allowing you to see clearly when opening your garage doors. A bulkhead or downlighting can be operated automatically via a PIR sensor and can stay illuminated for up to ten minutes giving you ample time to park the car. The PIR sensor can act as an added deterrent against intruders.

Key facts about Automation

  • Additional security
  • Create safe entrance in the dark
  • Can be operated via PIR
  • Improve the look and feel of property

First impressions

First impressions count and the garage lighting at the entrance to your property can reflect the style of your home. Decorative outdoor wall lights can be an attractive feature and if you choose one which uses the latest in energy saving LED technology. A wall light with its smart matt black or shiny chrome finish will bring contemporary style to your exterior space whilst providing added security outside your garage.

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DIY Workshop
Many garages arenÂ’t used for the car at all and almost become an additional room to the home. Perhaps you enjoy spending time tinkering in the garage on DIY projects surrounded by nuts and bolts, or maybe you use your garage for storage? Whatever its use, garage lighting needs to be bright and sharp as you are likely to have minimal or no natural daylight in this area. TodayÂ’s fluorescent lighting is flicker free and starts instantly or the LED range of strips can offer style and design.